Monday, 9 July 2012

Nominations: How Housemates Scored

After the afternoon Nomination Diary Room Sessions, it’s now clear which of the ten housemates are up for possible eviction on Sunday.
Namibian singer Lady May was a common denominator during the nomination diary sessions. Most of the housemates who nominated her cited her anti-social character and weird behavior as the main reasons why they nominated her.
From the results, Lady May, Prezzo, Goldie and Keagan may be up for possible eviction. Of course Keagan will exercise his Head of House powers and save himself. This would mean having to replace himself with one of the housemates.
Here is how housemates scored;
Lady May=8 votes.
Prezzo=3 votes.
Goldie=2 votes.
Keagan=2 votes.
Wati=1 vote.
Kyle=1 vote.
Jannette= 1 vote.
Alex= 1 vote.
Talia= Nil

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